Addressing Family-Based Trauma in a Trauma Rehab Center

Posted on August 15, 2023 by Corner Canyon Publishing
Addressing Family-Based Trauma in a Trauma Rehab Center

When a person has a history of family-based trauma, it can be very challenging to process. There are many benefits of healing and changing relationships with those who have caused trauma in an individual’s life. However, there is also a cost. In a trauma rehab center like Corner Canyon Health Centers, clients can think through these pros and cons to get a clear picture of the challenges they are facing. With help and guidance from a counselor and holistic care team, clients can choose a path forward that helps them heal. 

Family-Based Trauma

Trauma is an experience that causes distress or fear. It can either be experienced or witnessed by a person to cause a trauma reaction. Experiencing trauma is a common part of life. When a person is able to heal and process trauma, they will return to the previous state. However, unprocessed trauma can cause many issues in a person’s life, including mental health challenges and substance abuse. 

Family-based trauma is a type of trauma that impacts the entire family unit. The trauma experienced by the family can be the result of many different events or a singular event. Often, family-based trauma results from a problem occurring within the family structure, such as abuse, neglect, or substance abuse. 

The definition of trauma is an event or multiple events that cause distress or fear. Therefore, there are no specific family events that are considered traumatizing. Instead, it is based on how a person reacts or feels after the events that make it traumatic. This is important to consider in family-based trauma. An individual member’s feelings about the trauma do not dictate how other family members feel as a result of the experience. 

Healing in a Trauma Rehab Center

Taking steps to heal from family-based trauma is vital. When a person is struggling with trauma, trauma-specific treatment at a trauma rehab center can help. However, healing from family-based trauma often means making changes. For many people, these changes are both a blessing and a curse. 

Improved Health and Happiness

After experiencing trauma, it is common for individuals to struggle with mental health challenges. For example, many people struggle with depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These mental health disorders can wreak havoc in a person’s life. They can cause both their personal and professional lives to fall apart. 

However, through treatment, this can all change. In trauma treatment, both the initial trauma and the symptoms that have resulted from trauma are treated. The trauma is treated with a combination of reprocessing in different therapeutic modalities. Symptoms due to trauma are also managed in therapeutic modalities, medication, and other holistic options. 

By addressing both the root cause and the symptoms, individuals’ health and happiness improve due to trauma treatment. This means that their quality of life increases or returns to a previous normal for them. For those struggling with trauma and associated symptoms, this can be a huge relief. 

Changes in Relationships

While improved symptoms and treatment of the initial trauma are beneficial, it is a bit more complicated in family-based trauma. This is because, as humans, every individual is attached to their family. Changing these family relationships can cause pain and discomfort for those in treatment and their family members. 

The specific changes a person makes in trauma treatment at a trauma rehab center are unique to their situation. However, when healing from family-based trauma, these changes are likely to be around the family. Changes like drawing different boundaries are normal. For most individuals, these changes happen gradually over time. 

The changes in relationships are ultimately positive in terms of healing from trauma. However, even a change that is for the better is still hard. Many individuals have functioned in the same patterns with their families for their entire lives. Therefore, they have many practice times in the original patterns. To do something different requires hard work, dedication, and support. 

Getting Support at a Trauma Rehab Center

Family-based trauma is complex. Every individual who struggles with family-based trauma has their own story. This also means that every person’s path to healing is unique. However, one of the consistent things in trauma healing from family-based trauma is the need for support. 

Getting support at a trauma rehab center, like Corner Canyon Health Centers, helps improve the healing process. It provides an outside source of support that is completely separate from a person’s family. In doing so, it gives a person distance. Only through this combination of distance and support can a person truly start to see what path is right for them to take in order to heal. 

Additionally, working with a counselor and peers helps provide perspective. Often, individuals with family-based trauma are accustomed to the issues at hand. The problems likely seem and feel normal. However, at a trauma treatment center, individuals can see themselves and their family-based trauma from the outside. This gives them a clearer picture and helps them choose the right path to healing. 

For many individuals with a history of family trauma, healing from trauma has a cost. However, the benefits are even greater. This is because family-based trauma impacts every aspect of a person’s life, and getting help improves well-being and overall quality of life. If you or someone you love is struggling with family-based trauma, we can help. Corner Canyon Health Centers offers holistic care that can make a significant difference in your life. The support and structure can help you to make changes that give you long-term relief from symptoms related to family-based trauma. To learn more about our trauma treatment options and levels of care, call us today at (877) 717-6237