Explaining Your Holistic Experience in Inpatient Trauma Treatment

Posted on August 12, 2023 by Corner Canyon Publishing
Explaining Your Holistic Experience in Inpatient Trauma Treatment

When you are looking for inpatient trauma treatment, you may wonder what it means to have a holistic experience. While a holistic experience will vary, at Corner Canyon Health Centers, holistic care means getting treatment for you as a whole person. You are not just a number or diagnosis with a holistic experience in inpatient trauma treatment. Instead, you are a unique individual. With treatments like neurofeedback, psychiatric nutrition, gut health testing, and ketamine-assisted therapy, you can get help to address the root causes and symptoms that you are experiencing due to mental health challenges and trauma. 

Inpatient Trauma Treatment

When you have experienced trauma, you are more likely to struggle with your mental health or co-occurring substance use disorder (SUD). However, making changes when you are struggling with trauma is challenging. It is especially difficult when you are attempting to heal while in your own environment. Fortunately, inpatient trauma treatment can help.

In inpatient trauma treatment, you live at the treatment facility. Housing options will depend on the specific treatment center. At Corner Canyon Health Centers, residents of the inpatient treatment program live in a cozy 15-bed all-gender program that provides a nurturing and secure environment. The facility is comfortable, safe, and supportive in healing from trauma and mental health disorders. 

While you live at the facility, inpatient trauma treatment also includes a highly structured treatment program.  The specifics of the program will vary for each client. However, the treatment modalities are all part of a schedule that is designed to maximize healing and learning new skills. 

Holistic Care in Inpatient Trauma Treatment

There are many types of inpatient trauma treatment. Holistic inpatient treatment for trauma incorporates multiple different treatment modalities that address your unique challenges. However, they also help you to heal mentally and physically. At Corner Canyon Health Centers, this includes a comprehensive assessment, multiple holistic therapeutic options, and improving nutrition. 

Genetic Testing and Comprehensive Assessment

In order to have holistic care in Corner Canyon’s inpatient trauma treatment program, it is important to first thoroughly understand the issues you are facing. This includes both a comprehensive assessment and, for some, genetic testing. These are both important pieces of holistic care, as they provide detailed information on the best treatment for you.

The type of genetic testing available is called PGx DNA. It is also known as pharmacogenomics testing and helps to identify how you will respond to different types of medication. This includes how you metabolize it and how it is likely to impact how you feel. As a result of PGx DNA, you are more likely to get the type of medication that can help you heal from trauma, mental health disorders, and SUD. 

In a comprehensive assessment, you will be asked to clarify and explain your symptoms. This will include the progression of symptoms and how they are impacted in different parts of your life. Additionally, questions will be asked to get a clear understanding of what has played a role in your mental health challenges, including trauma. By providing and exploring your mental health with a counselor, you will get a clear picture of how it has impacted you as a whole person. This information serves as a foundation for the treatments you will receive. 

Holistic Therapeutic Modalities

Many different types of therapeutic modalities can be integrated into inpatient trauma treatment. Holistic care means that there is a collaboration of multiple different departments. These help you to address your challenges from multiple different angles. 

Corner Canyon offers a variety of holistic therapeutic modalities that play an important role in treatment. These include neurofeedback, ketamine-assisted therapy, and stellate ganglion block (SGB). The combination of holistic therapeutic modalities will vary for each client. For you, they will be combined to help you heal from the challenges you are facing. 

While these treatment modalities are holistic, it does not mean that they are not evidence-based. Holistic therapies at Corner Canyon Health Centers are all evidence-based options that are shown to be able to help you heal from trauma, mental health challenges, and co-occurring substance abuse. 


Addressing mental health through therapy and holistic treatment options is important. However, what you eat can also play a role in how you feel. Another holistic care option at Corner Canyon Health Centers is nutritional psychiatry, which helps you feel better by changing what you eat. 

When you have a history of trauma, your mental health challenges are likely partially rooted in your trauma. Treatments like ketamine-assisted therapy or SGB can help. However, adjusting what you eat can also play an important role. 

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, nutritional psychiatry is essential in holistic care. It adds a lifestyle and health component to your trauma treatment that is fairly simple to use and can make a significant difference in how you feel now and in the future. 

Mental health treatment at Corner Canyon is truly a holistic experience. It incorporates a variety of experts that work together to create a treatment plan that addresses each client’s unique set of challenges. In inpatient trauma treatment, clients receive help to adjust their nutrition, improve mental health, and learn tools that make a significant difference in mental health long term. If you or someone you love has a history of trauma and is struggling with mental health challenges, you are not alone. Call Corner Canyon Health Centers at (877) 717-6237 today to learn about our holistic trauma treatment and how it can help you regain health and happiness in your life after trauma.