Gender-Affirming Care

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, plus (LGBTQIA+) individuals face many unique challenges in terms of mental health.

For both adults and young adults, one of these challenges is getting the support and care they need to improve mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders (SUDs). At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we offer gender-affirming care that can help. Gender-affirming care is health care that supports each individual. The specific treatments will vary. However, this type of care has short-term and long-term benefits for adults and young adults.

Gender-Affirming Care at Corner Canyon Health Centers

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we understand that many young adults and adults struggle with gender dysphoria. As a social construct, a person’s gender cannot be seen from the outside. Therefore, no matter a person’s assigned gender at birth or the clothes they wear, they may feel different on the inside and identify differently. Gender is self-identifying.

Additionally, we understand that many members of the LGBTQIA+ community often face discrimination. This undermines their ability to feel confident and positive in themselves. Therefore, at Corner Canyon, we offer gender-affirming care that helps our clients improve their mental health and overall happiness in their lives.

Medical Treatments

Treatment for LGBTQAI+ clients at Corner Canyon Health Centers is more than a safe space. We offer medical treatment that helps young adults and adults. For many clients who are struggling with gender dysphoria, medical treatments help them to feel more themselves.

Corner Canyon Health Centers provides access to hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries for transgender people. Our staff helps clients understand if these medical interventions are clinically necessary. Therefore, clients are supported through an in-depth intake and assessment of necessary medical treatments for gender affirmation.


Gender identity is complicated.

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we understand it is not easy. Therefore, we provide multiple types of evidence-based counseling that help our clients feel supported. Counseling at Corner Canyon helps to confirm one’s gender identity and sexual orientation, address issues related to gender dysphoria, and heal from trauma.

When young adults and adults are in the process of affirming their gender, they will begin to explore their internal landscape. Through counseling, LGBTQAI+ individuals have support and assistance in understanding how they feel about their gender. Our mental health staff helps clients to both explore and affirm their gender. We believe this is a vital piece of treatment as many of our clients have not received the support they need to feel confident and assured of their gender.

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we know that individuals in the LGBTQAI+ community experience legal and social ramifications around gender. The consistent trauma associated with discrimination has an immediate and lasting impact on our clients. Therefore, we offer counseling that helps clients beyond affirming gender. Through counseling, clients address issues they have faced due to gender identity, learning new ways to cope and manage to help them live happier and healthier lives after treatment.

A Safe and Supportive Environment

Gender-affirming care is a combination of treatments that provide support for each individual. At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we understand the importance of a safe and supportive environment in exploring and affirming one’s gender identity.

Our staff is educated on the challenges of gender identity. We provide a supportive and safe environment for our clients to explore and affirm their gender and heal from trauma associated with gender identity. Additionally, our staff members undergo training on LGBTQIA+ issues and follow policies that protect LGBTQIA+ clients from discrimination and harassment. We have created a physical environment that is inclusive and respectful of all clients’ identities.

Importance of Gender-Affirming Care

Gender-affirming care at Corner Canyon Health Centers supports our clients through various services. We are uniquely positioned to support and treat the LGBTQAI+ community struggling with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health issues. For individuals in the LGBTQAI+ community, we understand that gender-affirming care is vital for wellness now and in the future.

Gender-affirming care at Corner Canyon addresses identity. For young adults and adults, this is important. When our clients feel more at home in themselves, they are more likely to be able to care for their needs. The process of discovering and affirming their gender helps them provide effective self-care and get the support they need for wellness in their lives. As a result, our clients regain health and happiness in their lives due to gender-affirming care.

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we believe that community and support are integral to wellness and mental health. However, we also understand that many individuals in the LGBTQAI+ community feel isolated and alone. Our supportive environment and gender-affirming care help foster a community for our clients.

As clients discover and affirm their gender, they also build strong relationships with others in the queer community. These relationships and a sense of community help our clients to improve their mental health and wellness. Additionally, they protect them from further mental health challenges in the future.

Many individuals in the LGBTQAI+ community struggle with mental health challenges related to gender identity. To learn how Corner Canyon Health Centers can help you or your loved one to explore and affirm gender identity in a way that builds better wellness and mental health both now and in the future, call Corner Canyon today at (877) 717-6237.