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The programs at Corner Canyon Health Centers are centered around how we can best help our clients take back control of their lives. With evidence-based interventions and an intake that helps us understand the challenges that our clients are facing, we provide treatment that is effective and supportive. We believe that by providing a safe space, our clients can make more effective changes in themselves and their lives that will support long-term healing from mental health challenges.

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we have four main pillars that build a foundation that all of our programs are based on. These pillars are relationships, support systems, brain-based healing, and transition. With these cornerstones, our clients leave treatment with the skills to maintain their mental health long-term, having addressed their mental health issues, maladaptive behaviors, and coping mechanisms.


When a person is struggling with mental health symptoms, they often feel isolated from others. Feeling isolated is far more than a simple discomfort. A lack of relationships has a very serious impact on a person’s mental health, causing, contributing to, or enhancing other mental health issues. Therefore, it is one of the cornerstones that all of our programs incorporate.

In our programs at Corner Canyon Health Centers, we help our clients to dive into how their relationships have impacted them. This includes breaking down challenges they have had in relationships and sorting out where these issues originated from. Solutions to improving relationships will vary for each person. However, as a cornerstone, all clients address relationships in some capacity.

Building Support Systems in Programs

When a person improves their relationships, they have the foundational skills that help them form a healthy community. This gives them support in times of need or crisis. Support systems offer a collective solution and therefore help our clients to solve issues when returning home after treatment.

For clients struggling with a mental health disorder and co-occurring addiction, support systems can be particularly helpful in staying sober long-term. However, having a community also helps individuals struggling solely with mental health challenges. This is partially due to individuals feeling a sense of belonging, which improves overall mental health.

Brain-Based Healing

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we believe in holistic treatments that help our clients achieve long-term healing. Part of our holistic treatment options is brain-based healing modalities. Brain-based healing addresses changes or alterations in the brain that impact our client’s overall well-being. By addressing the brain changes that have occurred, we help clients achieve long-term changes in their mental health.

When an individual is struggling with their mental health, there are many reasons that they will have alterations to their brain. Individuals with a history of trauma, for example, often will experience changes that occur in the brain and cause mental health symptoms. However, alterations in neurotransmitters due to mental health disorders also impact an individual’s overall mental health.

One example is the changes that occur in brainwaves due to trauma. These alterations impact mood and cause other mental health symptoms. Fortunately, treatments like neurofeedback can help clients to repattern brain waves and return to healthy brainwave activity. In doing so, clients’ mental health symptoms improve both short-term and long-term.


Making transitions is difficult for anyone. However, for individuals with mental health symptoms, making transitions can be particularly challenging. This is because individuals struggling with their mood, focus, or energy often rely on routines for their well-being and mental health. During a transition, these routines change. Therefore, many individuals struggling with their mental health tend to avoid transitions and change.

However, at Corner Canyon Health Centers, we understand that transitions and changes are a part of life. Therefore, transitions are a cornerstone of our programs. We focus on providing support so that our clients can learn skills to be successful with transitions in their lives. We believe that when a client learns coping skills, they are more likely to be able to care for their mental health throughout their lives.

A Full Continuum of Care

Improving Mental Health in Corner Canyon's Programs

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, our mental health treatment programs are focused on empowering clients to take control of their health and wellness. We help clients to take back their lives after struggling with mental health symptoms. By helping them learn skills to build relationships and community, clients learn emotional regulation. Additionally, by focusing on transition and brain-based healing, our clients learn coping skills and heal physically.

In order for clients to learn these coping skills and heal, it is first important that they feel safe. That is why we create a safe space for all of our clients. This safe space allows clients to explore and understand what contributes to their mental health issues. Then, with support from our staff, clients can make changes both internally and externally, which is not possible if they do not feel safe to look inside and take steps toward a better life.

Our programs at Corner Canyon Health Centers support clients’ minds, bodies, and spirits. Treatment at Corner Canyon is not just about treating a simple mental health disorder. Instead, we strive for long-term well-being through whole-hearted recovery. This includes holistic healing in a safe space where the client learns to take back their life after mental health struggles.

Mental health programs at Corner Canyon Health Centers all incorporate healing through building skills and holistic treatment options. If you are struggling with your mental health, you can find freedom, and it starts by calling us at (877) 717-6237 to learn more about how we can help you heal. 

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