Transitional Living

Posted on August 11, 2023 by Corner Canyon Publishing
Transitional Living

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we offer a transitional living home that can help you work towards living independently. We understand that healing from mental health challenges is a process. Part of the process of healing is learning new skills. However, practicing these skills in a more real-life environment with support is vital. As a result, we believe that transitional living can be a perfect balance of support and care with the freedom of living outside of a treatment facility. 

Corner Canyon’s Transitional Living Home

Our transitional living home is located in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in the town of Draper, UT. This location is conveniently located near Salt Lake City. As a large metropolitan area, you will find many shops and restaurants in Salt Lake City. However, as it is near the mountains, you are also close to outdoor activities and experiences like hiking and skiing. 

The living facility accommodates adults 18 and older who are facing mental health challenges. It is a beautiful home-like setting that was designed with your comfort and support in mind. Clients are provided lunch and transportation throughout the week, depending on the level of care they are receiving. However, they are also supported in learning and improving self-care skills like cooking and building community. 

Practicing skills and learning to live independently in a way that supports mental health requires having independence. However, at Corner Canyon Health Centers, we also know that support is necessary. Therefore, our transitional living is staffed 24/7. Our staff provides medication management oversight, medical care, and general care for clients living in the transitional living home. Clients meet with a psychiatric provider and medical provider every other week in order to ensure they are getting the care they need. As a result, transitional living acts as a perfect in-between for clients who are transitioning out of residential care but not ready to live independently. 

A Vital Piece of the Continuum of Care

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we offer a full continuum of care. The most supportive kind of care is residential care, where clients live in our facility while receiving treatment. However, a step down is our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and then intensive outpatient program (IOP) where clients can live at the transitional living home or at home when going through these less supportive treatment options. However, clients can also live in a transitional home at Corner Canyon. Transitional living offers a unique opportunity that lies in between these two extremes and is a vital piece of the continuum of care. 

Individuals in transitional living at Corner Canyon Health Centers participate in either the PHP or the IOP, which differ based on the level of care provided. By living in our transitional living home, these clients are provided with the freedom that these programs provide without losing all structure at home. Therefore, it offers a balance of support and freedom. This helps many clients step towards less support without losing it completely. 

For many clients, it is a way to smoothly transition into independent living. It does so by providing support that helps you to learn and practice skills that play a role in healing your mental health. At this level of care, you are moving towards living independently. You have support while practicing skills learned in residential treatment, which helps you to implement them in ways that align with your goals in life.

Who Is Transitional Living Right For?

The environment that you live in has a profound impact home how you feel and your mental health. However, your mental health also affects how you live your life. Transitional living at Corner Canyon Health Centers offers the opportunity to break the cycle and can be helpful for a variety of mental health challenges. 

Living in our transitional housing is ideal for those who feel like they need more support than they will have at home. The need for living in transitional housing can be due to a variety of reasons. However, in general, a home environment often brings out old patterns. Sometimes these are opposed to what you need to manage and heal from mental health challenges. 

Regardless of the reason, having additional support while in our PHP or IOP can help you to regain your health and happiness in your life. Corner Canyon Health Centers’ transitional living program is an inclusive and LGBTQIA+ safe place to continue to learn and grow into a new life.

Benefits of the Transitional Living Home at Corner Canyon

Our transitional living program provides clients with a safe place to live while they return to living independently. At Corner Canyon Health Centers, our goal is to provide clients with both space and resources to learn skills that help them successfully heal their mental health and related substance abuse.

Clients benefit from transitional living by having time and space to fully integrate the skills learned in residential treatment. While you can learn the value of these skills in residential treatment, it is hard to know how you will best use them until you try. Transitional living provides this opportunity. 

Additionally, transitional living can help you to feel safe and secure moving forward into living independently. With support from our staff, you can work through barriers that make independent living difficult for you. This will help you feel confident when you do live independently in the future. Therefore, transitional living can be a necessary and vital stepping stone for your future. 

Healing from mental health challenges and related substance use disorders (SUDs) is challenging, and at Corner Canyon Health Centers, we know that having the support and structure of transitional living can help. Transitional living provides support and community for those in need as well as a smoother adjustment to lower levels of care. Healing from SUDs is possible and with the right housing and support network it can lead to long-term recovery. Don’t let uncertainty stop you from getting the help you need. To learn more about how our continuum of care and transitional living can help you,  give us a call today at (877) 717-6237. We’re here to help.