Mental Health Treatment Methods

The Inpatient Treatment Environment

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we have created an safe and supportive inpatient environment that enables individuals to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of healing and recovery. This allows our clients to stop worrying about exposure to negative influences or traumatic situations that may have influenced their lives outside of the center. Our personnel are the finest, well trained and empathetic when it comes to the concerns our clients have, some have been in treatment themselves and understand on a personal level. Respect and care for each individual underlies effective treatment.

Highly structured and personalized for the needs of each individual, our inpatient mental health treatments allow each participant the opportunity to provide input into their own treatment as they meet with their therapist and consult with our medical team about the results of their initial assessments and ongoing treatment needs. We also ask clients for feedback each month about their experience with the program and treatment environment so that we can continually improve the client satisfaction and outcomes.

What is Residential Treatment for Mental Health?

Inpatient treatment means clients live 24/7 with other clients in a treatment environment. In Corner Canyon’s case a large, comfortable, attractive home. Client and staff eat and socialize together, providing an environment that can feel like a family. They do some forms of treatment off site, like equine therapy and recreational therapy, and families may come in to visit and do therapy with their loved ones if clinically appropriate. Clients participate in various group therapy each day, in addition to individual therapy, family therapy, neurofeedback and sessions with our medical and psychiatric providers.

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, clinical services are provided by licensed therapists, psychiatrists, medical personnel, psychologists, addiction counselors, and other clinical professionals who serve as members of an individual’s treatment team. The treatment team works with the individual and their family to develop a personalized treatment plan in the first week of enrollment, and each week after to guide their process.

A treatment plan works as a guideline for the kinds of care an individual needs for a successful recovery. A multidisciplinary treatment team assures that a variety of professional viewpoints are available to guide the client’s process. In addition, effective team communication ensures that quality care is delivered efficiently and promptly.

Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Services

Our facilities offer a variety of services that are geared for mental health treatment. These inpatient treatment services include:

Who Needs Inpatient Mental Health Treatment?

Corner Canyon is there to help individuals who may require mental health stabilization. Mental health concerns can flare up from time-to-time, for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, our treatment facility has the right therapeutic environment to stabilize and keep you safe from harm.

Mental health treatment might be for any individual who:

-Feels overwhelmed by out-of-control thoughts
-Suffers from physiologically responses to triggers
-Feels excessively angry, aggressive, or depressed
-May be a danger to themselves or others
-Feels anxious or have compulsive thoughts or actions.
-Is unable to function adequately in their daily lives

There are a variety of reasons that may necessitate a stay at an inpatient mental health facility.
In every case, seeking the right care and treatment is always the right decision to start living a better life, and if inpatient treatment is the right level of care, please contact a Corner Canyon Health Centers professional today.

Our Goal For Every Individual

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, our goal is to provide our patients with a safe environment and the most effective and innovative assessment and treatment so they can determine what is needed to optimize their physical, mental, and emotional lives. We want our clients leaving our facilities with the confidence that they can function well in their day-to-day endeavors and continue to learn and progress after treatment.

Achieving Wellness in Mental Health

Mental health is the cornerstone of overall wellness. It can affect relationships, determine successes, and impact resilience. Improved quality of life is possible for everyone; and sometimes it’s necessary to address mental health concerns to improve wellness. Achieving optimal mental health provides steps towards a healthier and happier future for you and everyone around you.

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