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Recreational Therapy in Utah


Corner Canyon Health Centers is an inpatient mental health treatment center specializing in Recreational Therapy inpatient treatment. Recreational therapy, also known as therapeutic recreation, is a systematic process that uses recreation and other activity-based interventions to help treat the needs of individuals with mental health struggles and other disabling conditions. As a result, therapeutic recreation complements the inpatient mental health treatment process and provides the individual with overall recovery and well-being.

Here at Corner Canyon Health Centers, our mission is to provide individuals with evidence-based treatment along with compassion-driven care during the recovery process.

Corner Canyon Health Centers is located in Draper, Utah, at the base of the magnificent Wasatch Mountains. Clients at Corner Canyon are able to experience all that Utah has to offer and during recreational therapy, have the opportunity to explore the mountains, rivers, and deserts in the area. Corner Canyon also is just a short drive to the ski resort, Sundance, and clients are able to ski/snowboard/snowshoe in the winter months.

Some other recreational therapy activities include:

-Hiking, paddle boarding, bowling, rock climbing, bouldering, fly fishing, archery, escape rooms, team building, river rafting, and much more!



We provide experiential therapy activities that are recreationally oriented, like hiking, sober softball, ropes courses, swimming together in the backyard pool, team-building exercises, music therapy, yoga, service projects, and massage therapy.  These recreational therapy experiences help clients learn new ways of experiencing and working with their emotions. They learn how to behave more mindfully and develop better communication skills through the insights they see reflected during each experience. They learn to work together with others to accomplish tasks and goals, and they gain self-esteem through accomplishment.



As mentioned above, recreational therapy provides a great outlet for each patient to grow in experiences, ways of communication, and to be more mindful of the world around them.  This is an integral part of a patient’s treatment. Some other benefits of therapeutic recreation are:

-It enhances an individual’s body image perceptions
-Prevents social isolation
-Helps develop and maintain social skills
-Reduces social anxiety, pain, blood pressure, tension, and sleep disturbances
-It helps increase an individual’s immune system, attention span, mental alertness, and communication skills
-Improves motor skills, cooperation skills, life satisfaction, mobility, and development

In the end, recreational therapy looks different from person to person. Some enjoy solitary experiences like hiking while others use the time to interact with others in enjoyable ways. Either can provide a change and release from the usual mindset, which can be negative or anxious depending on what is going on for the individual. Interacting with others or nature can improve mood, release endorphins, and generally provide an uplift. Developing competence in recreational activities can build self-esteem. In combination with talk therapy learning can be increased and complimented.

If you have any questions about our recreational therapy or any of our other inpatient mental health treatments, contact us today to learn more.

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