Value of PGx Testing to Find the Right Medication to Treat Your OCD

Posted on August 25, 2023 by Corner Canyon Publishing
Value of PGx Testing to Find the Right Medication to Treat Your OCD

Getting the right medication makes a big difference in your ability to heal from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). However, finding the right medication for you can be difficult. This issue shows the value of PGx testing, which tests how you metabolize certain types of medication. In doing so, you can begin to take medication, knowing that you have one that is right for your mind and body. Mental health treatment, including OCD treatment, at Corner Canyon Health Centers can include PGx testing, which helps you to feel confident in the medication prescribed as part of your treatment protocols. 


If you are struggling with OCD, it is common to experience uncontrollable reoccurring thoughts and/or behaviors that you feel the urge to repeat consistently. Symptoms are split into two different categories, obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are uncontrollable thoughts, while compulsions are uncontrollable behaviors. 

The cause of OCD is not known. However, it is thought that a combination of genetics and environment plays a role. Environmental factors such as childhood trauma or stress can also play a role in developing OCD. 

Treatment for OCD

Getting treatment for OCD is imperative to improving mental health. Treatment for OCD varies for each person. Your treatment will need to incorporate aspects that help you heal and develop skills to manage symptoms. There are many types of effective OCD treatments. These include medication, psychotherapy, and holistic therapeutic options like mindfulness-based therapies. 

Medications used to treat OCD will vary depending on the symptoms you are experiencing. They are mainly used when symptoms are inhibiting daily functioning due to severity. There are multiple types of medication, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which increase the serotonin level in the brain. Other medications, including clomipramine, are also sometimes used to treat OCD. 

Value of PGx Testing

PGx testing is a type of pharmaceutical testing that tests your genetics. Your genetics are the information that is passed down from your parents that controls how your body reacts and responds. Specifically, PGx analyzes genetic variations that impact how you metabolize certain medications. This means that it shows you how you are likely to react, both to the medication’s intended use and potential side effects of a certain medication. 

While there are many different types of medication intended for the same use, one may metabolize better. Therefore, the one that is most effective for you will metabolize in a way that gives you the most positive impacts with the fewest side effects. The true value of PGx testing is that it provides information that can lead to a personalized medication regime. This is possible without genetic testing. However, without PGx testing, it requires trying multiple medications to see how they impact you. PGx testing simplifies the process, eliminating the need for trial and error. 

Value of PGx Testing for OCD Treatment

Medications are often used to treat OCD. Most commonly, SSRIs are used to help reduce symptoms of OCD. While this takes using them for several weeks, it can be highly effective in reducing OCD symptoms that impact you. This can make your life easier and allow you to function better daily. When you have been struggling with OCD, you know that it can be debilitating. Medication can help you to regain health and wellness in your daily life. 

However, there are multiple different types of SSRIs, and finding the right medication that helps you is important. PGx testing can help. By testing for medication metabolism, you and your providers can get a good idea of how your body will do with specific types of medication types and brands. Therefore, when you begin taking a medication, you are more likely to be taking a medication that will have the fewest side effects and help you improve your OCD symptoms. 

PGx testing helps you get the medication you need. While this is convenient and ideally physically, it is also beneficial mentally. When you are struggling with OCD, the idea of trying a new medication that may or may not be helpful can be stressful. However, with PGx testing, you can feel comfortable, safe, and confident that you are getting the care that is suited to your symptoms and unique needs. 

OCD Treatment at Corner Canyon Health Centers

Treatment for OCD at Corner Canyon Health Centers is founded on the understanding that you are a unique individual struggling with OCD. OCD is complex. Therefore, treatment needs to be individualized and suited for you. 

However, with the right treatment plan, your OCD can be managed. With a combination of treatment options, often including medication, holistic modalities, and psychotherapy, you can improve and manage your symptoms, including anxiety, obsessions, and compulsions. In doing so, you will improve your overall quality of life and mental health. 

Medication can be an effective tool for clients with OCD to find relief and manage symptoms. However, many individuals wonder what the right medication is for them. At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we understand that finding the right treatments for you and your body is a challenge. We offer PGx testing as a way to gain a better understanding of how certain medications will impact you. If you are struggling with OCD or another mental health disorder that benefits from medication, PGx testing can help. Call us today at (877) 717-6237 to learn about PGx testing and how it is incorporated into our treatment programs for OCD and other mental health disorders that can impact your quality of life.