LGBTQIA+ Safe Space


Research has demonstrated that individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ face a higher risk for mental health issues when compared to the general population. These issues may include depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and substance abuse. This increased risk is believed to be influenced by a variety of factors, including systemic discrimination, social stigma, and inadequate support systems. Those within the LGBTQIA+ community may be subjected to discrimination and marginalization by their peers, family members, and even healthcare providers, leading to feelings of isolation and rejection. Furthermore, societal stigma can lead to chronic stress and trauma for individuals within this community. The lack of access to gender-affirming medical care can also exacerbate mental health concerns. As a result, members of the LGBTQIA+ community may face significant barriers when seeking help and support for their mental health needs.

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we understand how difficult it can be to struggle with mental health and we are prepared to support and help you in any way we can.

Gender Affirming Care

Corner Canyon Health Centers is uniquely positioned to support and treat the LGBTQIA+ community suffering from depression, anxiety and other related mental health issues. Mental health treatment is a priority here at Corner Canyon Health Centers and we strive to help the LGBTQIA+ community by offering treatments such as inpatient mental health treatment.

Corner Canyon provides a safe space for clients who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community by ensuring that the facility is welcoming and inclusive. This includes providing education and training to all employees on LGBTQIA+ issues, implementing policies that protect LGBTQIA+ clients from discrimination and harassment, and creating a physical environment that is inclusive and respectful of all clients’ identities.

Corner Canyons gender affirming care is incorporated into the treatment of all clients providing access to gender-affirming medical treatments, such as hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries (if clinically appropriate), as well as therapy and counseling that is specifically tailored to the needs of LGBTQIA+ clients. This can include gender-affirming therapy that helps clients explore and affirm their gender identity, as well as outside resources and family therapy that address issues related to gender identity and family dynamics. By providing a safe and affirming space that supports gender-affirming care, Corner Canyon allows LGBTQIA+ clients feel more comfortable and empowered to address their mental health concerns.

LGBTQIA+ Treatment

Mental health treatment programs can be highly beneficial for members of the LGBTQIA+ population who are struggling with mental health and other co-occurring issues. Corner Canyon offers a safe and supportive environment that is specifically designed to address the unique needs and challenges of this community.

  • Safe space: Corner Canyon is designed specifically for LGBTQIA+ individuals and offers a safe space where clients can feel comfortable being themselves without fear of discrimination or judgment. This is critical to help clients build trust and foster a sense of community, which is essential for the healing process.
  • Culturally competent care: Corner Canyon programs are staffed by professionals who are knowledgeable about the issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community and can provide culturally competent care that takes into account the unique challenges and experiences faced by this community. This helps to ensure that clients receive the most effective and appropriate treatment possible.
  • Support for identity exploration: Many LGBTQIA+ individuals struggle with issues related to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Corner Canyon programs provide a supportive environment where clients can explore these issues in a safe and non-judgmental way. This helps clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and build confidence in their identity.
  • Peer support: Corner Canyons programs provide an opportunity for clients to connect with others who have shared experiences. This helps clients reduce feelings of isolation and build a sense of community. Peer support can also provide a valuable source of encouragement and accountability during the recovery process.
  • Access to resources: Corner Canyon programs provide clients with access to resources that are specifically tailored to the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community. This includes educational materials, outside support groups, and community resources such as LGBTQIA+ centers and advocacy organizations.
  • Addressing trauma: Many LGBTQIA+ individuals have experienced trauma related to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Corner Canyon programs provide a safe and supportive environment where clients can address these issues and begin to heal from past trauma.

By providing a safe and supportive environment that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of this community, Corner Canyon can help clients achieve lasting recovery and build a fulfilling and meaningful life.

LGBTQIA+ Resources & Support

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we understand the unique mental health challenges faced by members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Our individualized treatment approach is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual, and we offer specialized support to help address the range of mental health concerns that may be present, including depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and substance abuse.

As part of our commitment to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, we offer access to the University of Utah’s Transgender Program, which provides comprehensive gender-affirming medical care, including hormone treatment, surgical options, and legal advice. Our LGBTQIA+ residential treatment center provides a safe, non-judgmental environment where individuals can work through their struggles and obstacles, and receive the support they need to achieve lasting recovery.

Our team of highly skilled clinicians and therapists are trained in culturally responsive approaches to care, and are dedicated to helping LGBTQIA+ individuals overcome the unique challenges they face. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to speak with a specialist and begin the journey to healing and recovery.


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