At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we are a leading mental health and addiction treatment provider in Draper, Utah. Our programs focus on helping clients reclaim health and wellness in their lives. We provide comprehensive assessment, personalized treatment, and innovative therapies that help clients heal. Our unique healing process incorporates a variety of evidence-based treatments that are built into an individual treatment plan. With our skilled, professional, and empathetic team, our clients are supported throughout the healing process, which helps them feel safe in treatment as they make changes that improve their quality of life.

Comprehensive Assessment

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we understand that in order to help clients heal, we need to have a clear understanding of the issues that are occurring. This may include mental health challenges or commonly co-occurring addictions. Regardless of the specific challenges a client is struggling with, we take their needs seriously and begin the process with a comprehensive assessment.

Our comprehensive assessment varies for each client. However, it includes a mental and physical examination that gives us knowledge about a person’s overall health. Additionally, we offer DNA testing and brain scans to provide more information that we can base a person’s individualized treatment plan on.

Incorporating a comprehensive assessment process can feel time-consuming. However, we believe that gathering information is vital to effective treatment. The information gathered in our DNA testing helps our medical team know what medications will be effective. Additionally, brain scans provide information that is not solely based on a client’s symptoms. Therefore, with both DNA testing and brain scans, we get a more holistic perspective on the challenges our clients are facing.

Personalized Treatment

The next step in the treatment process for clients is to begin personalized treatment. This begins after a client has undergone our extensive testing. Therefore, their personalized treatment is more effective based on the comprehensive assessment. While a treatment plan is created after a comprehensive intake, it is not set in stone. Adjustments can and will be made when necessary in order to best support our clients and provide effective care at every junction.

At Corners Canyon Health Centers, we know that every person’s experience with mental health challenges and addiction is unique. Even two individuals who have similar challenges will experience both mental health disorders and treatment differently. Therefore, we offer a truly individualized treatment plan that is adjusted when needed. Additionally, we offer treatment options like genetic testing or biofeedback that are individualized due to how the treatment is performed.

Expert Clinical Team

As a treatment center, we believe that we are only as good as our professional mental health care team. Therefore, we have worked to build an expert clinical team that provides treatment for all of our clients regardless of their specific level of care. Each client works with our team throughout their healing journey.

Our expert clinical team is not only designing programs but also works with each client individually. From our comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment plan to specific treatment modalities, our expert clinical team is involved. This level of expertise at every step ensures that we are providing effective care for our clients.

Additionally, our staff on every level is knowledgeable in the mental health and addiction field. Our cofounders and consulting partners have extensive experience in treatment for adolescents and adults. Therefore, every professional who is collaborating on intake, treatment plans, and treatment itself understands the ins and outs of what our clients are experiencing. With collaboration, each client has many years of expertise at their disposal to learn from and get support from.

Holistic Therapies

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, our treatments are evidence-based and effective in helping our clients heal from mental health and addiction challenges. Some of our treatment options are more traditional mental health treatments. However, we also incorporate holistic therapies that are important in providing a well-rounded treatment.

Our holistic therapies are incorporated into each of our client’s programs in a unique way. Some of the holistic therapies available include nutritional psychiatry, ketamine treatments, and neurofeedback. We also offer a gut-brain diet, massage therapy, and experiential therapies. By providing a number of holistic treatment options, our clients are more likely to find treatments that are impactful for their mental health, quality of life, and overall well-being.

Commitment to Quality Outcomes

When our clients are considering a treatment center for mental health challenges and addiction, we know there are many things to consider. As a treatment center, we are committed to offering quality outcomes. This means that our focus is on consistently improving what and how we offer treatment in order to help each individual be successful in their healing process. Our treatment is effective and helps clients heal and build the necessary skills to regain health and happiness.

Struggling with mental health and addiction challenges can derail your life and make you feel like there is no way to get back on track. To learn how Corner Canyon Health Centers can help you heal from mental health and addiction challenges, call us today at (877) 717-6237

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