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At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we believe that adults should receive comprehensive assessment before experiencing the most effective treatment for mental health and addiction.  Our guiding focus is on improving the quality of services offered to adults, feeling like many programs maintain their status quo instead of seeking and implementing available and effective research validated treatment methods. We felt inspired to create a treatment program that would address our concerns about clinical expertise, the assessment of physical, mental, and emotional health, and the quality of programming culture available. We have implemented our ideas and developed a program that we would want to attend if we needed treatment ourselves.

Corner Canyon was developed by co-founders Cheryl Kehl, LCSW and Rob Lund, BA, CRS, as well as other consulting partners. These consulting partners also own Gateway Academy, a highly regarded Residential Treatment Center for vulnerable adolescent boys. Cheryl has 26 years of experience in adolescent treatment, and has founded several other adolescent programs. She has spent 6 years in adult treatment, working with the adults at Corner Canyon Health Centers. Rob has spent many years volunteering for families and individuals who are in need emotionally, physically, and mentally. We have developed a highly professional and savvy management team, most of whom have worked together in the past, and been assembled because of the quality of work they do, as well as the fact that they like each other and work well together as a result. They provide the best care and treatment possible for all of our clients.

What makes our innovative treatment center stand out from other centers is that we offer comprehensive assessment before planning  individualized treatment for our clients, meeting their differing needs for the most effective intervention. Our assessment is significantly more extensive than the industry average, including DNA testing and brain scans among all the other more usual assessments like psychological, psychiatric and medical testing. After going through the assessment process to understand their needs, individuals experience higher staff to client ratios, brain technology treatment, a gut-brain diet, massage therapy, experiential therapies, and highly trained clinical and other treatment team members who have created a very effective, caring, balanced treatment program. Each aspect of our programs complements the others and combines into a unique, individualized, and effective treatment process.


Corner Canyon Health Centers continues to see great results in the recovery and treatment of our patients. Over the past few years, we have seen significant success in treating trauma patients, reducing Trauma symptoms up to 71%.  Our Trauma Treatment is specialized and comprehensive and if clinically indicated we use SGB shots for rapid reduction of PTSD symptoms, as a result of a study completed in 2019 by the Veterans Administration indicating significant efficacy. In addition, we have seen our clients retain their progress with their mood disorders, addiction concerns, personality disorders, relationship problems, medication management, and many other concerns. We credit this success to compassionate, effective personnel running effective programming and implementing science backed treatment in small home based settings, we are licensed for no more than 16 clients in our beautiful homes.  We believe that the most effective treatment occurs in a comfortable home setting with people who feel like family and model assertive communication and healthy relationships. We plan to continue improving our services while maintaining an intimate setting.

We are Joint Commission accredited, which means we follow the highest standards in treatment, behavior management, and medical protocols.


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