An older man that has been to rehab for depression and practicing healthy coping skills.

Inpatient Depression Treatment

Inpatient Depression Treatment

Oftentimes, people associate treatment centers with rehab facilities for addiction. Most of the time, they don’t realize that there are treatment programs that are for more than just addiction. There are treatment programs specifically designed for depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. There is also an assumption that people can only be treated if they also suffer from an addiction, but the good news is there is professional help for these debilitating mental illnesses as well. Research indicates that when both diagnoses are present the best results come when both are treated concurrently, called dual diagnosis treatment. In addition Corner Canyon Health Center treats mental health concerns when addiction is not present, with individualized treatment tracks to address these concerns.

At Corner Canyon Health Center’s depression treatment center, we offer inpatient therapy as part of our inpatient depression treatment. Our inpatient depression treatment has been clinically proven as one of the most effective treatment methods. Our depression treatment methods allow our clients to be able to completely focus on recovery, create new support systems, overcome feelings of hopelessness and isolation, and learn healthy coping skills. Each of our mental health counselors at our depression treatment center is experienced in treating addiction and co-occurring disorders. This allows each client’s treatment plan to be completely customized while also promoting personalized healing.

Rehab For Depression

When most people think of treatment for depression, they think of meeting with a therapist or psychiatrist on a weekly basis, or taking prescribed medications. Rehab for depression is rarely the first thing that comes to mind since rehab is mainly viewed as a place to break addictions.

To help make your life easier, Corner Canyon Health Center has put together a guide to show you the signs, causes and symptoms of depression. If you or a loved one are showing signs of depression, don’t be afraid to reach out to Corner Canyon Health Center, we are here to support you.

Signs and Causes of Depression

Types of Depression

Depression can be categorized into different types. These types are caused by or increased by biological predisposition, and different events in an individual’s life can influence their level of depression. When a person is admitted to Corner Canyon Health Centers, experienced and skilled professionals will diagnose and put together the right treatment plan for you. The various types of depression include:

-Major Depression
-Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
-Psychotic Depression
-Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
-‘Situational’ Depression due to recent painful events
-Atypical Depression
-Postpartum Depression
-Bipolar Disorder

Our Depression Treatment Center

Depression and anxiety may lead to new addictions or relapse through attempts to self-medicate. To help our clients avoid this negative outcome, Corner Canyon’s depression treatment center, treats mental health issues alongside addiction to facilitate complete recovery. Our treatment methods include traditional therapy, medication (if clinically indicated), healthy food, exercise, family communication, brain technology, and experiential therapy. Our psychiatrist and therapists will closely follow the client’s progress and if the symptoms do not respond to treatment, medications may be recommended. At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we are dedicated to helping our clients overcome their depression to live a full and happy life.

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